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Picture xpdf OpenSSL Python MPlayer

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xpdf from 3rd Party Software for QNX Neutrino was build to use uncompress utility.
Here is compress you need to view some PDF files. Copy compress utility to /usr/local/bin and
ln -s compress uncompress
to make xpdf happy. Source taken unmodified from Xfree86/xc/util/compress.


OpenSSL easy to compile using this (for 0.9.7f) or this (for 0.9.8) patch.
Thanks Bertrand Le Piolot version 0.9.8 patch now works for QNX 6.3.X.
File util/ modified to avoid setting of LD_PRELOAD for QNX 6.2.X and 6.1.X.
You, probably, will need to edit file Configure near line 385 in order to modify processor architecture option for qnx6 (set to pentiumpro).
This patches are made for QNX Neutrino and for QNX4.
Expand gzipped file. These commands will do the rest:
for QNX6

  patch -p1 <openssl-0.9.8.diff
  ./config threads shared no-hw [no-krb5] [no-idea] [no-cast]
  make test
  su -c "make install"
Modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include SSL shared libraries directory (/usr/local/ssl/lib) or otherwise either copy or link these libraries to the directory listed in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

for QNX4
  patch -p1 <openssl-0.9.8.diff
  ./config no-threads no-shared no-hw [no-krb5] [no-idea] [no-cast]
add no-sha512 option for version 0.9.8
   make SHELL=bash depend
ignore all these makedepend warnings
  make SHELL=bash
  make SHELL=bash test
  su -c "make SHELL=bash install"
Just search for patch and bash on (look in find-ls). You will need perl, so download and install it too.


I like to build Python shared.
This patch makes it.
If readline library is installed on a system then it will be employed to serve console input.
Expand gzipped file, apply patch, comfigure, build and test:

  patch -p1 <Python-2.3.4.diff
  export CC="qcc"
  export CPP="qcc -E"
  ./configure --with-cxx=QCC --enable-shared
  make test
  su -c "make install"
strip .so libraries does not hurt.
ldrel -S 2048K python if you strip python and care about huge regular expressions.

Here is a patch for Python 2.4, and here for Python 2.4.1. I configure it like this:

  patch -p1 <Python-VERSION.diff
  export CC="qcc"
  export CPP="qcc -E"
  ./configure --with-cxx=QCC
I don't yet tried to configure with --enable-shared.


Small addition to the famous MPlayer can be found here.
Some additional efforts required:

My ~/.mplayer/config file:
  vo = photon:o
  quiet = yes
  cache = 8192
  framedrop = yes
  vf = pp=de
If it does not work with -vo photon:o try it with -vo photon.
May be sometime I will put graphic overlay into window, but now I like it as is.